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Tips for designing your NFT

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

If you are here then you already have an idea or know what an NFT is, but just incase you don’t, here is a brief idea.


NFT stand for Non-fungible token, meaning it is unique and irreplaceable, once created and minted by the creator he or she can say that they own the original copy of a digital file.

NFT can only have one owner at a time which is managed by unique ID and neat data that no other token can replicate.

NFTs can be anything from digital art like photographs, paintings, digital designs, music albums, to real-world items like paintings, antiques, cars and real-estate.

You can also read the article published by CNN for a more in-depth view


Now that we covered in brief what an NFT is here are tips on how to design your own.

Thought Process

1. The Theme

You can make an NFT from literally anything, it is all about turning digital artwork into unique pieces. Go for stuff that mean something. For example if your favorite animal is a dog, then create a collection of images with the same animal but different Features, and remember later on you can add a back story for each. You can research CryptoKitties

2. Fun Elements

Be creative with your designs, you can equip your NFT’s with a humor, it doesn’t have to be serious. As Shonda Rhimes said “Your limit to success is your own imagination”

3. Vibrant colors

Choose colors that attract the eye, don’t let you character or drawing melt into the background.

From the start figure out your color scheme

4. Details

The characters or drawing details, give your NFT’s special characteristics, after all details are what categorize your NFT as common, uncommon, rare or legendary for examples you can check the DC Comics Nfts or Bored Ape NFT

Design Application

*Please keep in mind that you need to research the technical side which is creating a digital wallet, importing the right funds relating to the marketplace you choose to use.

In case you are creating 1 NFT or an NFT based on your drawings, painting, photographs... then it is enough to upload the images to a marketplace add your descriptions, decide on a price, mint your work and its up for sale.

In case you are creating a collection of 10,000 unique images for your character, well off course you will not sit for months physically designing the 10,000 images, so in order to do that the answer is much simpler.


You can create your layers by using one of these applications adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, figma, procreate(iPad)…etc

. Start with your base image and then add your different features each on an individual layer.

. Have different layers with several background colors

. Add your character(outline and fill color) which will be consistent in every image, you can choose to have several options of this as well.

. Have layers for the facial features and accessories

Export all layers as png, as it retains the transparency in each layer, which you will be needing later when you layer them on top of each other to create unique images

Use an open-source #NFT generator or download your preferred software

The NFT generator will randomly layer your png’s for you, giving you thousands of unique images, the more layers you feed the generator the more option you get.

#Create, #HaveFun, and #GetPaid

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